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Erase text without clearing the whole screen

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  • Erase text without clearing the whole screen


    I would have a few more questions for you. To recap my situation, I am using a PIXXILCD-25P4-CTP with Workshop 4 Pro.

    What I want to do is : when I slide to the top of my screen, I want the text "Drag and drop" to appear and 1 second later, I want the text to disappear and the slider to go back to his initial position.

    To make the text disappear, I used gfx_Cls() but it makes all my others graphics disappear, and I don't want this of course. I can't find the solution to clean the text and the slider. Maybe you know a solution?

    Thank you !

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    You can draw clear text by drawing the background color in the region where you printed text.

    You can use the function gfx_RectangleFilled(x1, y1, x2, y2, colour)

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards


    • julia28
      julia28 commented
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      Hi Ivan,

      Thank you for your response, yes it worked perfectly.
      I also asked a few more questions in a another post if you can have a look, it's named "form and slider questions"

      Thanks a lot

    • ivan_4d
      ivan_4d commented
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      You're welcome.

      I have already given my answer to your form and slider questions.

      Best Regards