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Gen4-IB fitted with wrong resistors

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  • Gen4-IB fitted with wrong resistors

    Hi, I've just been trying to do some tests with a gen4 display connected to a 4D-UPA via a Gen4-IB. Workshop 4 kept saying no comms, no matter what I tried. In the end I checked all the connections and discovered the Gen4-IB was populated with 47k resistors in all three positions. Is there any quality check on those boards?

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    Sorry can you give more detail here?

    gen4 display connected to a 4D-UPA via a Gen4-IB
    I don't follow what you have said here. The gen4 display connects to either the 4D-UPA or the gen4-IB, not both at the same time. Can you please explain what you mean?

    Gen4-IB was populated with 47k resistors in all three positions
    R1, R2 and R3 on the gen4-IB you mean?

    These should be 68R. If you can please raise a ticket on our Helpdesk and provide photos (Front and Rear of the gen4-IB), that would be appreciated.



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      Hello James,

      in the target application the host equipment uses a five-way cable with the Gen4-IB to connect to the display, so I've got into the habit of using a 4D-UPA fitted with a five-pin header rather than connecting directly to the FFC. It's quicker to plug/unplug a header rather than mess about with the FFC connector latch. So, to be explicit, the connections in this case are: PC...USB cable...4D-UPA...5 way cable...Gen4-IB...FFC...display.

      Yes, all three resistors R1, R2 and R3 were 47k. I didn't have a spare board at the time, so I replaced the resistors with wire jumpers. Pics attached.

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        Thanks for clarifying

        I have set up an investigation to determine what happened, but by the look of your board it is dated December 2018 production.
        Potentially there could have been a manufacturing mistake and your one somehow slipped through, but it is not clear at this time what may have happened.
        Did you purchase from a distributor?

        Sorry if it caused you problems, but your fix using wire jumpers will be totally fine.
        Thanks for the photos, this has all been passed on to the appropriate team



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          The most likely source would have been in an SK-gen4-35DCT-CLB bought from Mouser, but I can't be absolutely sure.


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            Thanks for the feedback.
            If you are in need of a replacement, we can arrange this for you.
            Just raise a support ticket from our website with the details, and this can be arranged.


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              Thanks for the offer but no need. I just wanted to draw your attention to this to hopefully prevent it happening to anyone else.