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Diablo 16 ULCD 50D-AR NO-Touch

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  • Diablo 16 ULCD 50D-AR NO-Touch

    Hello, I am creating a prototime of car menu display. I am using 4D TFT ULCD 50D-AR without touch. I already created my project with the form but I want to make the forms change from , form0 to form1 .. formX and then back to form0. I am using Arduino uno with the Adaptor Shield and gen4-IB. The button is connected on D13 on the adaptor shield. Click image for larger version

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    If you have a look at this post, number #39, which was for another customer, the code there should help you as its the same thing.

    Here is the file directly:

    Have a look and take the relevant parts and apply them to your project. Mainly the states and form parts.

    I hope that helps



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      Hello James, yes I already cheked this project but it is a little different than mine, because it is using different type of display processor.


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        Yes sure, you will have to modify it a little bit, but the Arduino side of things should be near identical, which is the part I am referring you to. Remove the Software Serial parts, and then tailor the rest to suit the number of forms (pages) you have on the display application, and set the pin you are using for the button etc, and you should be working.

        You are going to have to understand the code to know how to implement it on your own system, so I thought this might help.

        If you cant do it, please send your Arduino code and your WS4 application and I can try and recommend something a bit more fitting for your specific setup.