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Workshop 4D pre/post build steps

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  • Workshop 4D pre/post build steps

    I want to be able to stamp my firmware for each compilation with the git tag and SHA and version number, PmmC version etc to force assert that the firmware, SD card and PmmC version are all correct for a particular unit.

    Is it possible to add pre/post compitation steps to call a python/batch script through the command line in Workshop4D?

    Alternatively, is it possibly to compile a .VISI project through the command line entirely? I already write the majority of my project in VS code and use the programmer utility for production programming, so not having to deal with workshop at all would be awesome.

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    No, there's no pre/post compilation step.

    Couldn't you use an Inherent that is created by the python/batch script to include that information.

    The Gui part of a ViSi program needs to be build with a GUI app, i.e. Workshop, not sure why it would be desirable to do it any other way.

    'VS code'?


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      The idea would be to version stamp every compilation so manually running the script defeats the purpose a bit. though I guess that's the only option at this point.

      Visual Studio Code is a (very common) source code editor.


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        >Visual Studio Code is a (very common) source code editor.

        That's what I thought you were referring to, but I cannot get my head around why you would use that when you have Workshop. Surely VS has so many 'missing parts' with respect to ViSi that it's counter productive?


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          It's probably a bit off topic for this thread, but I wrote a simple unit test engine and broke my codebase up into a bunch of separate .inc files (the 4DGL portion). I don't think this is the intended workflow for Workshop, for me it's much easier to work with the file tree in VS code. I even manually edit the VISI file occassionally for anything super repetitive, again much easier in VS code.