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Problem programming SPE using USB 3.0 port on PC

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  • Problem programming SPE using USB 3.0 port on PC

    I have encountered an issue using USB 3.0 (connected via UUSCB-PA5-II h/w ver 3.0) The SPE programmed using a USB 3.0 port on a PC reportedly programmes the SPE correctly with no errors or warnings but the uLCD-70DT does not respond correctly, (it may be ignoring or 'holding high' the RES line) and does not display our splash and start-up screens.
    If, however, I use the regular USB port on the PC (Win10), the SPE also programmes correctly and does progress to displaying our screens.
    We noted, also, that trying to do any programming on a Win7 machine using a USB 3.0 port did not programme at all.
    We have the latest SL drivers for the USB comms. I could not see anything in the release notes or paperwork regarding the use of USB 3.0 comm ports. Did I miss something?
    Must I programme the uLCD using a USB 2.0 or lower?

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    We know of no issue with USB 3 ports.

    Which version of the SIL labs drivers are you using?


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      Thanks for the prompt response, Mark
      Both are 64 bit, downloaded on the 16 July 2021 from the Silicon Labs site.

      Win 10 (universal)
      Package version: 10.1.10
      Release date: 2021-01-13

      Win 7 (Windows or VCP)
      v6.7 or
      Not quite sure which it is for Win 7 machines, but not in the office for a couple of days. We had trouble with this driver initially on USB 3.0 but now seems OK. As an aside, not related to the USB port, the PmmC sometimes throws an error when updating (resolved by forcing an update) on the Win 7 machine.

      I am now leaning towards a faulty USB port on the Win 10 machine.
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        Yes, the Driver version on my computer is, and all my ports are USB3, so that might tend to indicate a faulty port on the Win10 machine


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          Mark, thank you for the assistance.