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Problem of Modbus RTU client with MOTG RS485

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  • Problem of Modbus RTU client with MOTG RS485

    hi , I would like to ask if Diablo16 is available As a resource library for Modbus RTU client . Use gen4-50DT with workshop4( visi .

    I have seen this post ( ), it provide a library of Modbus RTU Master .

    But , it's not enough for our requirement . I still need Modbus RTU as a client application.

    Specifically, my current architecture is as follows :
    (master) (Slave1)
      | (Slave2)
      └— PC

    The master station obtains the data from the slave 1,
    (Each time the data is obtained, the mbReadHRegisters() command is sent approximately 8 times ,and 8 registers data are obtained each time.)
    and then transfers it to the slave 2,
    and then retrieves the set value from the slave station 2 and sends it to the slave 1.

    This communication continues to put a heavy load on 4D, which causes a significant delay in the operation of the screen.

    So I want to change this architecture to use the PC as the Master and 4D as the slave.

    Is there a library that provides modbus RTU client?

    Thanks for your help !

    Best regards,