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Read out programming with Workshop4ide from a uLCD-43PT?

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  • Read out programming with Workshop4ide from a uLCD-43PT?


    I have a defective uLCD-43PT display. Is it possible to read out the programming with Workshop4ide in order to upload it to a new uLCD-43PT.

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    No sorry, that is not possible. Once the program is in the processor, you cant read it out. This protects people/companies from other people extracting their programs and putting them in their own systems, for one.

    The only way you can put it on another module is if you have the source code for Workshop4, or if you have the compiled 4XE file etc, which might be on the microSD card if BootuSD was used on that particular module. If you put the uSD card into your PC and look at what files are there, if you have a 4XE as well as GCI and DAT files, there might be some more for fonts etc, then you might have some luck to get the program onto another module. You wont have the code though, only the compiled application. If you only have GCI and DAT (no 4XE) then sadly you are out of luck, you will have the images/media used for the graphic components, but no program.

    I hope this is of some help