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Display error on powerup

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  • Display error on powerup

    Started having display problems. Unit powers up OK before programming. After programming get a "moore" pattern on display and current draw goes to .55a (from .390 prior. Image of display attached. Any Idea what I've changed? Was working great with last batch of displays..... . this is without any device connected to display (normally an Arduino on serial port). It is now an urgent problem here......
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    It seems that the graphical files in the uSD card are corrupted. Try to copy the graphical resources to the uSD card again manually or by reuploading the project and performing a uSD copy when prompted.

    Please let me know if this works.

    Best Regards


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      Also, which display is that, and what PmmC and Driver have you installed?


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        Display is Gen4-ULCD-43D. I have swapped uSD cards with no effect. Reflashing display does not help. It appears to be "hanging" during initial boot cycle. I have appeared to fix at least one unit with reseating flex cable to actual LCD (40p flex). I am normally driving the display with an Arduino Mini Pro via serial port. Displays acting up do so even with Arduino unplugged. Using Genie drivers on the Arduino. I am still troubleshooting....