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PixxiLCD-25P4-CTP general possibilities

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  • PixxiLCD-25P4-CTP general possibilities

    Hello everyone,

    I've been working for days with the display PixxiLCD-25P4-CTP, using simple functions and I would like to make sure It is the good solution for a bigger project I have to do.

    I need to use 7 of those display to create a user interaction bubble, they are used to select icons that will have impact on the user environement,
    for exemple I want 7 display to have the same list of Icon, so you can slide them, then select one to open a new menu to do specific action
    exemple if you want to change the music you select the music icon (on one of the 7 display) and then you can play/pause and change music track, else you could select the temperature icon so you can raise/decrease the temperature.

    To do so I need to use the serial communcation so I can send data from the display to my master unit (Custom unity unit) and displays can also read data from the master-unit to change graphical images.

    So here are my doubt and questions :

    - Can I link all display Serial wire to send data from display to Master-unit and Master-unit to display ? (no data between display) that way i could create a Master-Slave bus
    - Can I change form or icon color only by receiving serial data ?
    - Is it possible to update the display software (4D Workshop) only with access to the SD card ?
    ** because if I link all serial wire between display, I don't think I will be able to update display by the standard procedure (usb between display-Computer + SD card in the computer), I've tried with 2 display but it seems that the computer software can't identify the display to update...

    Thanks, a lot

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    Dear Julia,

    Good Day.

    The idea of the project is good. But the PixxiLCD-25P4-CTP is using serial communication which is just for master-slave communication only. Unless if the master has several serial that can accommodate 7 displays or use RS485 communication protocol.

    You can change form or image by receiving serial data.

    Yes, it is possible to update display software through uSD card

    I hope this helps.



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      Hi Ferdinand,

      Happy to read your answers, if using RS485 it be okay to link the 7 display as a Bus chain ? I mean all on the same RS485 wires and linked to the Master so I'll have a Master-Multislave configuration ?
      I assume its the MOTG-RS485 module ? is there any tutorial on how to use it with the Pixxi display ? I suppose it needs special programming ...

      To Update the display only flashing the SD-Card, is there a tutorial for that ? I'd like to try it

      Thanks a lot,


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        Yes, you can link more display using RS485 as a bus chain which the master can communicate to the display. You can use our MOTG-RS485 for as an interface to each display module. But unfortunately we do not have tutorials on how to use it with the Pixxi Display.

        On updating the display using the micro SD card, you need to choose uSD as destination and upload the program first using the program loader once. To update you just need to save the program to the uSD card. You can also check this application note as reference.

        ViSi-Genie Program Destination

        Thank you.



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          Hello Ferdinand,

          Thanks a lot for your response.

          I am doing tests for the update of the diplay using the uSD Card. I followed the application note, especially in the section "uSD Card", but arriving at the Step 4, I can't continue. On my Workshop 4 screen, section "Tools", I can't see the "Boot uSD" icon, do you know why I can't see it and where can I find it ? If this can help, I am using VisiGenie.

          Thank you,

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