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MagicTouch ScreenTouchEvent not fired?

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  • MagicTouch ScreenTouchEvent not fired?

    We have built an application with automatic dimming functionality that works similar to a smartphone:
    after 120s the screen backlight dims to a low level and some time later the screen goes off completely by setting to contrast to 0 (using function gfx_Contrast).
    At this moment the touch sensitivity of all screen controls is disabled using img_SetAttributes(hndl, i, I_TOUCH_DISABLE) to prevent 'blind' actions possibly being started when touching the 'black' screen.
    The screen is activated again by using the MagicTouch control. When touching the display, the ScreenTouchEvent is fired and the executed code sets the screen backlight to maximum level and enables all controls using function img_ClearAttributes(hndl, i, I_TOUCH_DISABLE);

    Sporadically, the screen does not respond to touch anymore so it does not become visible and the touch of the screen controls is not enabled either. Apparently the touch event of the MagicTouch object is not fired. This means that the entire application can no longer be started and the Diablo module must be rebooted completely to become functional again.

    What could go wrong here?
    Would it be possible that the Diablo module enters some sleep mode in which the touch screen is disabled?

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    Good Day.

    The display doesn't go to sleep when you just set the contrast to 0. Is it OK for you to attached your project here so we can check?



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      Hi Ferdinand,

      Thanks for your response.

      Would it be possible to send the project (about 270 MB in size) directly to you so that it is not publicly visible?

      It is not a stand-alone application. The touch screen communicates with a controller PCB based on an ARM cpu. Certain controller functions are started by pressing a button, but the other way round, screens on the display are also started or updated automatically from the controller.
      The screen-saver / screen-off functionality, however, is performed entirely on the display module. Perhaps you can check this functionality in particular (?).



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        Maybe I could send you the MagicCode, MagicObject, MagicEvent and MagicTouch .inc files?
        The combined size of these files is pretty small.


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          Hi Bauke,

          Thank you for the information.
          You can submit a ticket including the files on our helpdesk for us to check.

          4D Systems Helpdesk

          Best Regards,