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    so here is my message when i build in Workshop:
    No Errors, code size = 8985 bytes out of 14400 total
    Approximate run RAM size = 5230 bytes out of 14400 total (Base:572 Disk:38 Strings:570 Img+Font_Controls:578 Img_elements:3472)
    Program will run from ram so total initial RAM size = 14215 bytes out of 14400 total

    this is very close to the limit, I am storing the program on the SD card, so why is it keeping code and program in RAM?
    is there something I can do to store this better?

    I am using visi-genie, and I think I could save space by going to Desiginer

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    Hi Darka,

    Since you are using ViSi-Genie and having a large project. I suggest to use the run from flash. When using ViSi-Genie, the output files can be classified into 2. The program file which is uploaded to the RAM or flash and Supporting files.

    Please check the Application Note below for reference.

    ViSi-Genie Program Destination

    General Downloading an Application Program to RAM or Flash Memory

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards,


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      ok, for some reason when I run from flash my winbuttons with events to load a new form on changed no longer work, going back to uSD works fine, and when going back to the Run flash I can load all the screens calling the active form, but it seems that on changed events are not working
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        In the end it would see that running from flash needs concurrent numbers, I needed to run the renumbering tool to make the onChanged events work


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          Hi Darka,

          Thank you for your update.