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Visi Genie with C2000 F18069 or others

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  • Visi Genie with C2000 F18069 or others

    I was thinking of using Energia to use Visi Genie with a C2000 (F28069) but couldn't find version 1.7, the only version that works with C2000s.
    so i tried using the Visi Genie C Library master package but i had too many errors, variable format, struct, compiler etc ... I'm going crazy!
    So if someone managed to use the visi genie with a C2000 and can share it with me that would be really great !
    thanks in advance

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    Hi Olivierg,

    Good Day.

    The library may require changes to be useable on different compilers.
    Can you tell us what are the errors that you encountered when using the ViSi-Genie C Library with your microcontroller?



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      Thnks Ferdinand for your feedback. I spent most of the weekend debugging. Error were due to variables format unknown by code composer studio : uint16_t and bool. Statements of functions were also missing and others..
      Now I have no more errors only a few warnings that I will handle later.
      Microcontroller sends the characters directly to the transmission register. The reception takes place under interrupt as was done in the STM32 example if I understood correctly...
      So I put the define #define AvecVisiGenie in task.h to test the communication with and without VisiGenie. The communication works as expected with transmission / reception carried out byte per byte.
      I created a millisecond counter in an other interrupt to measure elapsed time. This counter value is returned by millis() function.
      As soon as I activate VisiGenie, seems to be transmitted correctly but I still receive 0xA 0x0 etc ... I don't understand why. In addition, the display is never detected. the genieBegin () never function returns "1".
      the 4D-UPA connection board is powered by my laptop computer. I use it to load the code and debug. PA2 (RX1) GPIO2 - 3V3 and PA3 (TX1) GPIO1 - 3V3 are used (connected to the TMS320F28069 card 3V3) for the manage by F28069 serial application link.
      I think now I may have a problem with configuring serial communications in Workshop4.
      Can you confirm serial settings in workshop4 ? is it possible to send (displaying) the frames (datagram) sent from my card to the 4D display back to Workshop4 ?
      Can you give me the frames to be sent and received for genieBegin()?

      I am attaching some photos and screenshots to understand the context. thank you for your feedback and support

      Thanks for your help and support

      Best regards,

      Click image for larger version

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        Hi Ferdinand,
        It works well. Just some settings to adjust but it's working. Now I will adapt display form to customer request.
        Best regards,


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          Hi Olivierg,

          Good to know that its working now.

          To know more about our ViSi Genie protocols and commands. You can check ViSi-Genie Reference Manual.

          ViSi-Genie Reference Manual (

          I hope that you keep updating on your development.

          Thank you.

          Best Regards,
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