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Image display using serin

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  • Image display using serin


    I am working with a PIXXILCD-25P4-CTP display and using the Workshop4 PRO Visi-Genie.

    Here's my problem : I am trying to display 4 images depending on the serial entry. I succeed reading the serial data with serin but my problem concerns the display of images.
    I tried two ways :

    1) diplaying four images (not userimages) and using img_disable(), img_enable and img_show, it works perfectly, the images updates when I write data of the serial port. But, when I open the form, I can see my four images scroll quickly on the screen and then stop. I don't know how to prevent that, I already tried to disable my images before opening the form but it doesn't work either.

    2) displaying four images in a userImage. When the form opens, I don't have that scroll from the images so that's a good point but I don't know how to change the userImage depending on the serial data incoming. I tried to use img_SetWord, Write_Object, but it doesn't work ...

    Maybe there's a way to solve one of the problems ?

    Thank you for the help,


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    To help you finding the issue, can you share your project with us? To share it properly, you can follow the this article for the instructions: How can I share my projects?

    Best Regards