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My first 4d lcd ,1,3 round ,How to connect with i2c

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  • My first 4d lcd ,1,3 round ,How to connect with i2c

    I have buy my first 4d lcd 1,3 round display in order to update my existing working project who work with 1,2 oled ssd1305.
    Everything until now is perfect and probably for all the next projects I use 4d lcd for more professional design.
    The only problem is that the serial is slow for my project I read rpm from ,engine and also 3 sensors and appear it in one form.
    I use teensy and serial at 115200.
    I read the datasheet and I see that lcd suppport i2c fast like ssd1305 and I am clock it to 2MHz
    If i am correct is the same pins with serial.
    So my question is how to initialize the lcd for i2c communication and also with i2c I write the commands like I do in serial ?
    I mean I will use the lib commands with the same way like serial?
    Petros D.