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need help MicroController to uUSB-MB5

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  • need help MicroController to uUSB-MB5

    I need your help. First of all,I have a the Mirco uUSB-MB5, and I want to connect from Our microcontroller(ADAPT912B32)'s RS232 to uUSB-MB5, however our code is in Assembly language. We just couldn't able to figure out a way how to write the code so that the Microconntroller able to talk to RS232 and to USB. I'm just wondering if you can able to give me hand on this. It would be nice if you do..

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    Kevin,The uUSB-MB5 is just a USB to serial bridge. It allows a USB port on a host PC to act as a vertual serial port. It is expected that the user will provide a terminal program of some sort on the host that is capable of sending/receiving serial commands and a device (microcontroller, serial command display, etc.) on the other end that can understand the serial commands sent from the host.

    If your microcontroller can send/receive RS-232 using a host serial port, it should be able to "talk" to the uUSB-MB5 using the same signals (Rx, Tx, RTS, CTS, DTR, etc.). Just keep in mind that baud rates need to be negotiated between the host and the microcontroller and that the MB5 outputs and expects 0-3V3 TTL logic levels (RS-232 logic is typically -12V - +12V).

    Good luck with your project,

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