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Bug? SmartGauge cut off at bottom

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  • Bug? SmartGauge cut off at bottom

    Click image for larger version

Name:	smartgauge_cut2.png
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ID:	77084After a long hiatus I picked up some Visie-Genie project again. Workshop 4 pro asked me to update to, so I accepted.

    After the update and opening my project, the larger SmartGauges are cut off. I tried to change the gauge Y size manually (to 110px in below screenshot), and it allows to show all of the text when the Y size is set bigger than the face size. Setting it back to the original value (110px) and it is not cut off anymore. Turning on "Face size is gauge size" also worked. But when clicking OK to leave the Smart Widgets Editor, the change is not carried over into the main window.

    I would like to reinstall the old version since that worked, but can't find any archive of old Workshop4 installers. Is there maybe an archive somewhere with older versions?


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    I just found the exact same thing for mine. The text in my Gauges are offset -15 and it appears they are being trimmed by this much at the bottom. Can this be fixed? or is the fix to wind back to previous version?
    I believe I previously used
    Im happy to provide a Screenshot to Support, but unfortunately not able to publicly post the screen.



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      Can someone please use file, zip project and email it to me mark at 4dsystems dot com dot au, please?

      There is a change in related to this,

      "Fixed Smart widgets, text can be sometimes truncated to the right when face width is small."

      but it should be improving text, not introducing further issues.


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        Mark. I have emailed my project to you.




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          This is a problem with the numeric part having a -ve start.

          It was masked, at least in the Y direction, by the bug that was fixed in