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  • LEDDigits decimal point color

    I have two LEDDigits superimposed - one red, one green (displays red when a reading is unstable, changes to green when stable).

    They are working as expected with one exception - the decimal point on the green widget is always red. I've even changed the code to only write to the green (regardless of stability).
    The green is Leddigits0, the red is Leddigits1, so logically the red is being written last, but the green never writes the decimal - they both have exactly the same position, size, digits, decimal and leading zero - the only differences are the colors. In 4D workshop they look fine, it is only on the screen itself that this behaviour appears.

    The screen is linked to an ESP32 using the Genie library.

    Any ideas why this is happening? At present it is just in development so more of a curiosity, but it makes it difficult to put into a production model as I'll have to explain to customers that the decimal will be red, and that makes no sense. It also makes it harder to see.

    I can't use multiple forms, as this is the only value that needs to do this, and it will change frequently between the stable and unstable. My only other option is just to get rid of the stability indicator, but it is something I want to keep.