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Not displaying application uLCD-35

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  • Not displaying application uLCD-35

    My first project with a gen4-uLCD-35DCT-CLB-AR display and an Arduino Mega 2560 is off to a bad start.
    I am a good follower of “getting started guides” and love to study user manuals but here I have some problems.

    In Workshop4 I have set up a project with the correct display. WS4 has identified the display (connected with uUSB-PA5-II). With the Extended Graphics I have made a simple project with one button, one led and a static text.
    I “Comp’nLoad” and select “Copy uSD” button. The uSD card is partitioned to 1GB and formatted to FAT16. Two files are now on the card.
    Power off – uSD card inserted in display – power on. Now the manual says that the display will show my application, but I only have the startup screen.

    Now to my questions.
    Will the display automatically boot from the uSD card? Some manuals says that a boot file has to be loaded on the uSD card.


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    Welcome to the forum.

    The uSD card is use to saved the generated graphics files that is needed on the project and to access these files you need to set it on your code.
    I suggest to check the application notes below as reference.

    Serial Connection to an Arduino Host (
    Serial Arduino Displaying Images from the uSD Card FAT16 (

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards,


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      Hi Ferdinand
      Thank you for your support. I have come a little further but still struggling.

      I studied the application notes you referred to and this is where I’m now.

      I loaded and ran the BigDemo and Display_print programs and they work perfectly.

      I made a small application with two buttons. Downloaded this to uSD card. Downloaded the Arduino program from Arduino IDE. The display shows “Mounting…”.
      On the uSD card there are two files: BUB2~1.dat (1kB) and BUB2~1.gci (55kB)

      I tested the “SPE Load” application. When I run commands like gfx_Cls and putstr I get timeout.

      I have a couple of question.
      The first time I compile an application the WS4 askes where to download the files (uSD).
      Now if I do some changes and recompile I don’t get this question. Why is that?

      When you do a Comp/nLoad, what is actually loaded? The TX/RX diodes on the Arduino is showing transmission.

      Thank you


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        Can you share your small application with two buttons and Arduino program here so that we can check?

        If you are testing the SPE with the Arduino, you need to add Display before the command on your Arduino code e.g. Display.gfx_Cls and Display.putstr.

        If you are using Extended Graphics, Comp/nLoad compiles your code and upload it on your Arduino.
        Also, only when you do changes on the graphics will prompt you where to save the files again.

        I hope this helps.

        Best Regards,