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Bulk Erase with FileTransfer.exe using Command Line

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  • Bulk Erase with FileTransfer.exe using Command Line

    Hello Everyone,

    I need to do a bulk erase from a Pixxi LCD using FileTransfer.exe, but through a command line.
    Is there any parameter to do this? I could only find the /d parameter but I'm not sure if this does a bulk erase or only for a specific file.

    Thank you and have nice day!

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    Hi Henry,

    To perform erase in flash using filetransfer you need use an input file containing the erase instructions. Here's an example instruction:

    $64KBBlockErase start count
    where 'start ' is the position where the erase begins and 'count' it the number of 64kB blocks to be erased

    Another option is to use the instruction:
    This erases the entirely of the flash chip

    Once you've decided what you need to use. Save it to a file, ie. 'erase.txt'. You can then use the file as an input to the file transfer tool. You can do this by running the command:

    FileTransfer.exe $erase.txt /cCOMX
    where COMX is the target COM port where the display is connected.

    Best Regards,


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      Hi Ferdinand,

      It works!
      Additionally, I needed to add an "/s" to the command to start the erase.
      Otherwise I was only shown the help page.

      Thank you for your help!

      Timothy Henry