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GTX not connecting nor updating objects

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  • GTX not connecting nor updating objects

    Ive been looking for any others that may have had this problem but am coming up empty. Everything with project seems to work and uploads fine, however, I cannot get the GTX debugger to work. The IDE is set to COM 0 as was posted in some other threads, but when I click on GTX, there are a whole bunch of missing forms and buttons. Furthermore when I click on connect, nothing happens. No, error, no connection. I have attached a .zip of the project as Im not sure where to go from here.
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    Just to add a bit further, this is with a PRO license as I didtnt notice the other forum. I also uninstalled/reinstalled Workshop 4, cleared all files on the SD and reuploaded the project. File transfer and Terminal tools seem to connect fine. Just the GTX tool will not work.

    *edit after more testing*
    While connected to this screen, I can select a random project and GTX will connect and show the objects from that project. Clicking on form changes will apply to my main project, but as noted, its missing objects and its not generating/updating any GTX file.
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      Hi Jon,

      I checked on your project and try to debug. I removed all the Smart Knob on all forms and the GTX work as expected.

      Please check the application note below as guide on how to create your custom smart knob.
      Smart Widgets: Knob

      I hope this helps.

      Best Regards,


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        Great, thanks for the insight. I’ll leave the knobs out until I have time to properly finalize the implementation. I just left them as a visual placeholder.

        Thanks again.