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Bug with Strings Saving Genie Project as Visi

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  • Bug with Strings Saving Genie Project as Visi

    Hi, I think I just caught a minor Workshop 4 PRO bug related to the process of saving a Genie project (.4DGenie) as a VISI project (.4Dg).
    I can share my files if you want, but seeing how it is very quick and easy to reproduce, it might be faster for you to try the steps I listed below.

    Bug description:
    • Compiling the newly <saved-as> VISI project generates an error with the variable 'hFonts' (see details below).
    • Need to manually add the following line for the auto-generated code for it to compile properly as a VISI project:
    var hFonts[1];

    How to Reproduce the bug:
    Step 1: Create a Genie project with only one form and one String element on it.
    Step 2: Compile the project
    Step 3: <Save As> Visi project (*.4DVISI)
    Step 4: Without doing any edit to the code: compile the <saved-as> Visi code.

    Error Details:
    Compilation of the VISI version of the project chokes on the following line of code:

    hFonts[0] := file_LoadImageControl("STRING~1.d01", "STRING~1.g01", 1) ;
    Error Message:
    Error: 'hFonts' not found .
    (And a bunch of other related error messages follow...)

    Other Contextual Details:
    Device = PixxiLCD-39P4CT-u [v2.0]
    Workshop 4 PRO version

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    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for the information. For Workshop PRO users, Genie Magic is the intended way to incorporate your own code onto a Genie project. This however would be referenced should someone else use the same method and encounter the same problem.