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4DPi-32-II TFT to HDMI switching

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  • 4DPi-32-II TFT to HDMI switching

    Dear i have got two kind of problems with my RPi 3 where I have installed 4DPi-32-II module following instruction on last version of display module data sheet.

    Display module works well, but :

    1) when I try to switch from TFT to HDMI using instructions on data sheet on terminal ( I type startx -- -layout HDMI enter ) I receive a long error that ends with couldn' get a file descriptor referring the console.

    2) The desktop is full in the display , when I open an application like Thonny ( or File Manager) big part of it is out of the display and also using MOVE command is not possibile to see big part of it (like 3/4 of the display).

    How can fix those problems ?

    Many Thanks

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    Hi Fabio,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Can you give us information on what is the current kernel of the RPI 3 that you are using?

    1) Before you can issue the command to switch X windows, make you that you setup your RPi 3 to boot to console via raspi-config. Once the raspberry pi is setup to boot to console then you use the command to use either HDMI of TFT.

    2) From the desktop, you can right click your mouse and select Desktop Preferences > new window will open and click Defaults tab then click Set Defaults for small screens.

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards,