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Capacitive Touch Sensitivity

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  • Capacitive Touch Sensitivity

    I have three uLCD-90DCT devices which will be each installed within clear covered polycarbonate enclosures. I've found the maximum thickness that the capacitive touch can detect through is approx 1mm and I would like to increase this so that the screens work through the clear ~2mm polycarbonate lid.

    There are a few older posts which link to a file called "43DCT touch thickness.4dg", for example

    Despite changing the settings within the above file, sensitivity on the uLCD-90DCT remains constant at 1mm. Users here reported the same with the uLCD-70DCT, no matter what changes they made it had no discernable effect on capacitive sensitivity. Is there an updated script or suggested workaround which might allow capacitive touch sensitivity to be increased on these screens?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Hi Rae,

    Apologies for the late reply.

    Unfortunately, there is no updated script available other than on the forum post mention above. I suggest to use 1mm thick clear cover polycarbonate on your enclosure where the touch sensitivity works.

    Thank you.