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Playing a still page video on loop

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  • Playing a still page video on loop

    Hi Guys,

    Desperate for a quick fix lol.

    Basically I need to demo a screen to someone with about 8 or 10 forms, but don't have the time to program the 4d 7" screen & Controllino. I have the visuals made up so I can put them into a video, basically the video will sit on a visual of a form for say 5 seconds, then move to the next & so on in a loop, no moving images as such.

    I haven't played with any video but what would be the quickest solution to this, I'm hoping create said video, pop it onto an sd card & run it from the screen?

    Can anyone help me please?

    Cheers, Shane
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    Hi Shane,

    For a quick and easy video player, we already have a sample for Visi-Genie which can be found under File -> Samples -> Picaso/Diablo/Pixxi Visi Genie -> VIDEOPLAYER.4DGenie. A few modifications on the project and it should be able to fit your display accordingly. The App Note "Visi-Genie Play Video" would also provide you with helpful information on how to do so.

    You, however, will still need to do some coding, at least on the controllino, if you want to use multiple forms and automate things. You may submit a ticket at should you decide to go this route and we will be more than happy to assist you with the project.

    Hope this helps.



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      Hi Geldy

      This is working great just on the screen as per the sample, thank you, saves us a boat load of work for this show.

      Just one quick question, how would we put an auto loop on this so when it gets to the end of the video it restarts back the beginning?

      Many thanks again, Shane


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        Hi Shane,

        For a looping video, you may want to download the sample project here: The project is in Visi and you will have to do some modifications with the project itself and the code but it shouldn't be too difficult.