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Transferring images to external flash - goldilox SDCard equivalent

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  • Transferring images to external flash - goldilox SDCard equivalent


    We've been evaluating a SD-Card Goldilox display unit using the serial interface only, with a number of background images, and decided to look at LCD alternatives.

    Please can you advise on the equivalent method to transfer image files (PNG) to the external flash of a PIXXILCD-13-P2? Graphics Composer worked fine for RAW SD cards but only offers the FAT option without an SD Card. Using the media_SetSector/media_Image functions results in either nothing appearing or mangled images being displayed.

    Any help would be appreciated, as we need to make a quick decision on this, apologies if I've missed anything in the docs.


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    Hi Ian,

    Thank you for choosing 4D.

    The PIXXILCD-13-P2 is a significant step up from the goldelox display you were evaluating and as such, there are several methods in which you can display multiple images (like a slideshow) stored in the external flash.

    Please see the PIXXI Series User Guide: before you begin.

    First of all, you need to ensure that the correct PmmC is loaded onto the display. You will find it on p12 of this guide. You need to use the flash version for the display.

    Seeing as you were using the Serial Environment for the Goldelox, I'm assuming you have a host microcontroller. You can either stick with the same method or you can use the Visi-Genie environment to make things much faster, easier and more convenient. The transfer itself will be handled by Workshop and you can design it WYSIWYG style.

    Please see the App Note for Visi-Genie User Images:

    This would help should you decide to stick to the Serial Environment.
    Pixxi Serial Commands Reference Manual:
    For this, you would still need to use Graphics Composer as well as File Transfer utilities and a few additional steps in saving and displaying images.

    You can choose which approach would be more convenient for you and you can always contact us should you need additional assistance.


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      Thanks for getting back so quickly. Ideally, for production purposes we would like to download a single file containing images (and possibly some fonts), and then access them via the serial interface. This worked well enough on the uOLED-128-G2, but we decided that for our application, screen-burn would be an issue.

      The correct PmmC (2.0f variant) is loaded,

      I'm confused how to create a file system for the external flash and then access it.

      For example, I have created a Visi Genie project incorporating User Images, programmed the device (which programs the GCI in flash?), reloaded the SPE and then attempted to access the user images in FLASH via the file_*** and img_*** commands? I have not been able to get this to work, as the file_Mount fails. I've tried more direct methods with GC and file transfer, but again failed to access any images from FLASH by using the sector offsets.

      I'm starting to run out of ideas, so if you can give me any pointers, or require any further information, I'd be very grateful.