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Does SK-gen4-70D-CLB-PI(Diablo16) support TI's MSP430 series controller

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  • Does SK-gen4-70D-CLB-PI(Diablo16) support TI's MSP430 series controller

    I am trying to interface SK-gen4-70D-CLB-PI display with TI's MSP430 series controller. Can the LCD module display the data sent from UART in a (Scrolling or fixed display). Additionally I want 6 words to be displayed out of which 3 words are stable and 3 words will get updated. Does the SK-gen4-70D-CLB-PI (Diablo16) give sound output. If so suggest related documents.
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    Welcome to the forum

    The SK-gen4-70D-CLB-PI is compatible with any microcontroller that has a TTL Serial UART. It can display data in various ways using many different programming environments depending on how you want to transmit data from the microcontroller.

    Visi-Genie will allow you to use Serial commands to control the graphical elements that you design in Workshop 4.

    The Display comes pre-loaded with the SPE environment with simple commands needed to print the data you need to display.

    Sound is supported on the Diablo processor. A filter circuit is needed to output the sound. You can refer to page 82 of this datasheet for our AC boards that have the filter components on the board.

    There is also the Designer / Visi environments which allow you to write code for the display which enables you to create you own Serial handling routine to match the Serial ouptut you create for the MSP430.

    I hope this helps

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      Thank you for your reply. I am planning to send commands via uart to display in the lcd. How do calculate checksum for each packet sent. Is there a function present which you can share or can I put Null and send a packet to lcd. Also kindly share any documents and videos regarding interfacing with MSP430 series of controllers.
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        If you intend to use Visi-Genie then information about the checksum can be found on page 51 of the manual

        The checksum is the sum of all bytes in the message XOR'd together. in c it would be something like this

        checksum = byte1^byte2^byte3^byte4^byte5^byte6

        If it is Serial SPE then there is no need for a checksum.

        Best regards