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Amost all 4D Displays 'Out of Stock'

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  • Amost all 4D Displays 'Out of Stock'

    OK I know the world's electronics supplies are in turmoil but I think many of the 4D Systems users need to know what the state-of-play is with your supply of Gen4 ULCD displays. Your date has now been pushed back to May 2023 and for many of us, this is a serious problem. I have scoured the globe for 43DT models and bought the last (many AR and PI variants). Being ready to launch a new product we are now stuck in no man's land on part supply with this.

    1. Is 4D Systems still going to be in business by next year?
    2. What is actually happening on the ground in regards to sourcing new displays from China?

    I think 4D Systems needs to be transparent and frank on what we should expect on supply of displays. Products using Genie are heavily reliant on this unique product and some guidance is needed to make the decision to look elsewhere or hang in there till May (a date that might be extended without notice).


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    Hello Andrew,
    1. Perhaps you could ask that of any company at the moment, even mega multinationals. Of course we intend to be here for many years to come.
    2. We can source all of our TFT LCD displays and most of our OLED displays, this is not a problem and not the reason for products being out of stock.
    The problem is the supply of silicon chips and we have no control over what the foundries produce or how they prioritise 'their work'. We currently have orders pending for many global companies in the health services industry. We cannot even get their orders 'escalated'. This is a huge issue for every company that uses semiconductors in their products, it is not isolated to just us.

    A more appropriate method of communication for this issue would be with our sales team, not here on the forum manned by Technical staff.

    We are currently working on a Pixxi-44 solution which covers the 4.3" range, so this potentially could be a solution for you. Please either raise a ticket on our helpdesk stating your requirements and someone will reply with some questions to see if the fit of the pixxi-44 modules will suit what you are currently doing with the 43DT. Else, please email our sales team directly.

    I hope that somewhat helps