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LoLin32 + GFX4D library + ST7789V

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  • LoLin32 + GFX4D library + ST7789V

    HI 4DSystem forum,

    I have a GEN4-IOD-24T that works very well. However, I want a better performance ( I know that the solution is GEN4-ULCD-24PT ).
    I would like to use an ESP32 circuit, a ST7789 TFT breakout board and the library GXF4D. I have seen that the library is prepared for ESP32. But my problem is that I can not compile the code.
    The code crashs in:
    GFX4d\src\GFX4d.cpp: In member function 'void GFX4d::begin()':
    GFX4d\src\GFX4d.cpp:405:30: error: no matching function for call to 'fs::SDFS::begin(int, SPISettings&)'
    if (SD.begin(_sd, spiSettings))

    Can you help to compile the GXF4D example for a ESP32 ?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Unfortunately the GFX4d library doesn't support the ESP32 and isn't prepared as such or maintained for this use but as you have noticed there are some pre-processor conditionals left in from previous testing. The issue you are seeing during compilation is due to the changes made to the ESP8266 with regard to SD so it will be the difference in how SD.begin is called for the ESP32 compared to the ESP8266.

    It might be best to compare this with a ESP32 SD example and make the necessary changes.

    With regard to performance between ESP8266 and ESP32, the recent changes to the ESP8266 core have meant a massive increase in SD read speed so the advantages of ESP32 over ESP8266 in displaying images from the SD are quite small however primitives do have a speed edge on the ESP32.

    I hope this helps

    Best regards



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      Hi Pauleilio,

      Thank you for your fast answer.

      If the library is not prepared for ESP32, I will give up this experiment. I follow using GEN-IOD24T

      Best regards,