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  • uUSB-CE5

    is it possible for me to interface the uUSB-CE5 to a microcontroller and attach a uOLED module such as the uOLED-128-GMD1 and send serial commands from the microcontroller to the uUSB-CE5 module while the uOLED-128-GMD1 is connected?

    For example sending serial commands such as line and text.
    Bradley Gibson

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    I'm a little confused, but it sounds from your description like you want to connect both a microcontroller and a uOLED display to the same . You don't mention what part your PC or laptop plays in this scenario.

    Keep in mind that the CE5 is designed to turn a USB port on your PC or laptop into a serial port so that your PC/laptop can communicate with a serial device. I suppose it would be possible to have two serial devices connected to the CE5 and have the microcontloller send serial commands to a PC application that would then send serial commands to the display, but to be honest, that sounds over complicated. It would probably be easier to send serial commnads from the PC to the microcontroller and then have the microcontroller command the display.

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