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Problem installing Windows drivers for μUSB-CE5

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  • Problem installing Windows drivers for μUSB-CE5

    I am trying to install the executable driver file for the μUSB-CE5 (CDM 2.04.06.exe). It seems to get hung up. The attached picture shows all that happens. The dots just keep accumulating on the screen no matter how long I leave the executable running.

    I believe this may be related to the reason I do not seem to be able to communicate with my µOLED-128-G1 module. I've tried several times to download a program to the module from 4DGL Worshop but continue to get a message that says "Device is not responding. Please check your configuration." I have installed .Net Framework 3.5. Also, when I check the Device Manager it appears to recognize the module is connected to COM3 port (see attached image).

    Thank you for the help!
    Myles Brown
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    Have you downloaded the 4DGL PmmC file? By default the serial PmmC is installed.
    Hope this fixes your problem.


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      Thank you for the suggestion. I tried reloading the PmmC file but still no luck. I have started a new thread under the uOLED category as this might not be the correct category (

      I appreciate any other ideas.

      Thank you,


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        Somehow I missed the fact there is a unique PmmC file for serial and 4DGL. After loading the correct file, everything works fine.