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  • Blinking

    Is there any way(besides using write pages) to stop blinking when redrawing elements on screen? I have to insert a delay before sending(via serial) the next command(otherwise MD1 crashes) and it's really annoying when you do it a couple of times a second.

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    The reason why we have extra video buffer pages is for exactly this reason, to stop the screen blinking by using a technique called double buffering.
    If you wait for the ACK before you send the next command the uVGA-PICASO-MD1, the module will not crash.


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      Atilla, thank you for the reply! I have one more question. The reason I'm using delays is I can't seem to get wait for ACK to work. I have posted both of the functions below. Do you think that is possible that Arduino's serial library is poorly written and that MD1's response is too fast? What happens is that when I use the second function, display turns on only when very high baud rate is used(500000bps or higher). However, when I send change resolution command it doesn't get executed(resolution remains the same).

      HTML Code:
      void waitACK()
      bool wait = true;
      while(wait)    {
      if(Serial.available() > 0)
      if( == 0x06)
      wait = false;    
      char OLED_GetResponse()
      byte incomingByte = 0x06;
      // Wait for data avaliable
      while (!Serial.available()) { }
      // Read incoming byte
      incomingByte =;
      return incomingByte;