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MicroVga Page switching question

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  • MicroVga Page switching question

    EraseScreen and other functions like Draw Rectangle Set background color
    doesn't work when other page different of page0 is selected to write.

    For example if you select page1 and then you change the background color are changing color of page0.

    I would to know if it's posible to solve this issues
    or Do you have plans to release other pmmc upadte thank you.

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    yes, I had the same problem too.

    I didn't solve, but instead of the background function I'm using the "Draw rectangle" and set the size of all the monitor area. The funny thing is that here the rectangle's function works better and faster than the background's. I don't know if it's going to be like that to everybody, but for me worked beautifully.

    The erase screen is still a problem...


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      Yes thank you for your information now I use Draw Rectangle but I need Erasescreen because delete in one cycle is very fast I need it for double buffering.

      Can you fix this problem with new update of pmmc?