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What is new in 2.4?

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  • What is new in 2.4?

    What is new in 2.4 and which bugs where removed?
    After install there is a file 'v2_4 Release Status.txt' but it ends with 'Workshop buglist release 2.3'.

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    I'd be interested to know too as i've been having increasing stability problems (the compiler crashes out randomly when compliing - often only running one time only each time I start the workshop and crashing out the workshop the second time) with 2.3 as my project has grown (now ~ 1000 lines of source, 6800 bytes).

    I've just expectantly tried 2.4 and my code (that compiles and runs as i would expect on 2.3) crashes the compiler out immediately. The example programs compile fine.

    Happy to email my source in to get the bug fixed.



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      I believe the only change in 2.4 was to add support for the 1.07 PmmC

      I thought I noticed an increase in crashes too, but as you say the code keeps getting bigger as well.

      My code was not in any of the 'project' folders and sometimes just before it crashed a screen sped by mentioning an invalid file name which appeared to be a full path for a project folder with a project name 'missing'.

      So I moved my code into a project folder and it hasn't crashed since, but it's early days yet and YMMV


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        Question Again:
        What is new in 2.4 and which bugs where removed?

        NONE OF MY PROJECTS RUNS when I compile it with the new version!
        I used some workarounds for bugs in the older version. Which of the bugs where removed so that it isn't neccessary to use workarounds for that bugs?


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          Well, I found a bug in reading µSD. I cannot mount a µSD. I tried with 3 different cards 512MB, 1GB and 2GB. With pmmc1.06 all works fine.


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            It sounds like you have only updated the PmmC file to your module and not updated your .fnc files in your Workshop/include folder. You will need to replace the .fnc file as well else all the PmmC functions will be out of sync.


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              No meldavia. I de-instaled the old workshop and installed the Workshop 2.4 on a clean system. The .fnc files are all new.


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                I have now that gives