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4DGL PmmC rev 1.7 breaks Workshop code upload

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  • 4DGL PmmC rev 1.7 breaks Workshop code upload

    Dear all,

    After uploading PmmC rev 1.7 onto the uOLED-32028-P1T the 4DGL Workshop 2.4 no longer allows downloading compiled code to the uOLED.

    Reverting to PmmC rev 1.6, the situation went back to normal.


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    I did not experience any problems using the new Workshop 2.4 after loading the new 1.7 4DGL PmmC to on any of the PICASO displays. I tested on uOLED-32024-P1, uOLED-32024-P1T, uOLED-32028-P1, uOLED-32028-P1T and uLCD-32032-P1. The most recent version of the SPE was loaded into flash and tested with the Serial Commander and several of the demo programs were loaded and tested. No issues noted. Displays were tested using both the uUSB-MB5 and uUSB-CE5 to load PmmCs and 4DGL code.

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      When changing to a new PmmC you must do the following:-

      1. Install the new workshop version.
      2. Load the new PmmC into your display.
      3. Re-Compile your code using the new Workshop.
      4. Download your code.

      If you do things in the wrong order, or miss a step, things may not work


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        I continued my tests and now have the following results:

        We have two uOLED-32028-P1T, which seem to be identical.

        1. On one of the two we experience the download problem (pmmc 1.7, workshop 2.4) reported yesterday. Reverting to pmmc 1.6 and workshop 2.3 solves the problem on that display.

        2. On the other display we can upload pmmc 1.7, and use workshop 2.4 to compile and upload code. The code is identical for both displays.

        Could there be any differences in the two displays that explain the problem? They were bought at the same time.