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Graphics Composer Rev 2.0.0 available for download

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  • Graphics Composer Rev 2.0.0 available for download

    EDIT: 05-09-2007 - latest version of the Graphics Composer and User Guide can be downloaded from:


    The new version of the Graphics Composer supporting the new G1, GMD1 and PMD2 displays with uSD card is available for down load at:

    The preliminary documentation for the release is not yet available on the 4D systems FTP site for download, but I have attached a copy below.

    I tested the program this morning and it appears to be working fine. This release does not represent the final product (Atilla says about a week for the finished product), but is being made available now for those that have been anxiously awaiting a "working" solution for loading images on the new modules.

    Enjoy, Steve

    Attached files GraphicsComposer_User_Guide_Rev_0.1.doc (33.5 KB)
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    Awesome! this one very waited is now pre-released!
    I must test this when i have some free time

    Thanks for your great work!

    Oscar G.
    Oscar G.
    4D Systems Software Engineering


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      I cant tell, does this support any of the older uOleds? uOled-96-8Mb? If not will there ever be any more support for those?

      Specifically, I would like to request a feature that would output a list of images stored in flash, along with their addresses, preferably in a format that is easy to cut and paste into a C program.


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        Unfortunately the new version of the graphics Composer does not support the serial flash based display modules. However the previous version of the Graphics Composer does provide address locations for each of the stored images on the individual object page.


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          Woopsie, I upgraded all flash based modules's webpage with the new graphics composer. Will fix that.


          Edit:final version


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            Thanks Julien.